MN QSO Party Logging Programs

Contest Logging Programs Supporting MNQP

N1MM notes from KØRC:
When using the N1MM Logger program, mobile and rover stations should be logged
as CALL/m. The program will show DUPE if that call sign is already in the log. However,
when you fill the county field the program will remove the DUPE status,
indicating this is a new county for your log. This logging method allows you to
upload your post-contest ADIF files directly to eQSL, LoTW, or your daily
logging program without further (manual) processing.

TR Log notes from N2CU:
The accepted standard for logging mobiles traveling through different counties is
CALL/CTY where CTY is the three-letter abbreviation for that county. Logging this
way allows you to work the same station in multiple counties without having the
software show them as duplicate contacts.
TR Log interprets some county extensions as DX entities (JAC = JA = Japan)and 
will not log it as a multiplier, nor remove it from the remaining counties list.
To overcome this deficiency add /M or /R to the callsign to indicate it is a (M)obile 
or (R)over station. For example: N0IM/M/BEC indicates Dick is mobile in Becker
County. The program will then function as intended.