Club Competition Update

160 Operators.....One club.......Three teams........Hundreds of thousands of QSO's.....
After competing since late September, it all comes down to the ARRL International DX Phone Contest to decide who will win the pizza!  This has been a thrilling contest season and it's gonna come down to the final weekend!
We know only one thing:  Team Hennepin cannot win the pizza.  By not winning the ARRL DX CW Contest, their only hope is that the log checkers will uncover an error.  Team Hennepin can play the role of spoiler though.  A Team Hennepin win in ARRL DX Phone would hand the pizza to Team South. 
Here are the results for ARRL DX CW:
  • Team South - 7,582,886 points (Up 5.31% over last year!)
  • Team Hennepin - 5,752,365 points (Down 1094% from last year)
  • Team North - 2,844,903 points (Down 38.93% from last year)

TOTAL MWA - 16,180,154 points (Down 11.67% from last year)

The full year results, heading into the final weekend:
  • Team South (4 Points) - CQWW CW, ARRL RTTY RU, MNQP & ARRL DX CW
  • Team North (4 Points) - SS CW, SS Phone, ARRL 10M & Combined 160M/10M
  • Team Hennepin (3 Points) - CQWW RTTY, CQWW Phone & ARRL 160M
Get the extra antennas in the air.  Tune up the amplifiers.  Get EVERYONE on the air!  It all comes down to the final weekend!  Every extra QSO and multiplier is going to count!