Club Competition Update

First, THANKS to everyone that got on the air for MNQP.  The first reviews have ben great!  Conditions were only so-so but our participation was a real driving force!  MWA helped make this one of the best QSO Parties...ever!  Thanks again!  Now get those logs turned in!!
We had almost half of our club active in MNQP.  Team South turned in a lower percentage but their BIC time drove a great score!  Congrats to Team South on their win!  They just tightened up the race for the pizza (see below).  Here are the MNQP results:
  • Team South - 1,034,786 points (Up 97.40% over last year!)
  • Team Hennepin - 763,515 points (Up 67.19% over last year!)
  • Team North - 790,808 points (Up 35.60% over last year!)

OVERALL MWA - 2,589,109 points (Up 65.54% over last year!)


The battle for the pizza has tightened!  Any team can win!  Team South was almost ruled out around New Years.  Since then they've won two events.  They are only one point behind......and they've got a team headed to the Caribbean to battle in ARRL DX CW!  Here are the standings heading into our final two events:
Team North - 4 Pts (SS CW, SS Phone, ARRL 10M & Combined 10M/160M score)
Team South - 3 Pts (CQWW CW, ARRL RTTY RU & MNQP)
Team Hennepin - 3 Pts (CQWW RTTY, CQWW Phone & ARRL 160M)
Good luck to everyone next weekend in ARRL DX CW.  Every log and every point is going to count!!