Club Competition Update

Much like the Twins in the playoffs, MWA started off the contest season with a collective yawn.  Were we unprepared?  Did we need a couple designated hitters to help us?  Who knows.  Maybe everyone is getting ready for CQWW DX Phone!
Here are the results:
  • Team North - 1,363,632 points (Up 0.45% over last year!)
  • Team South - 377,115 points (Down 50.88% from last year)
  • Team Hennepin - 958,859 points (Down 67.76% from last year)

TOTAL MWA - 2,699,606 points (Down 47.06% from last year)

Let's get ready for CQWW DX Phone.  Let's get as many MWA signals on the air!  The boys in VP6 will be representing MWA, so let's make sure we all work them on as many bands as possible.