Club Competition Update

As Led Zeppelin said:
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow,
Hammer of the Gods....
This season Team North has been a force to be reckoned with!  Contest after contest, they've been able to put a good team on the air!  Their hard work has paid off as they have now claimed the 2018-2019 Championship!  This is the earliest that a team has claimed the pizza! 
By winning MNQP, Team North now has 5 points (including the MNQP tiebreaker) while Team South has 3 points and Hennepin has 2.
Here are the MNQP results:
  • Team North - 407,349 points (Down 8.90% from last year)
  • Team Hennepin - 382,590 points (Down 49.73% from last year)
  • Team South - 495,928 points (Down 54.78% from last year)
  • All MWA - 1,636,946 points (Down 39.15% from last year)
Fixed activity in Minnesota was down from last year.  Only a few stations seemed to stay on the air for more than a hundred QSO's.  The mobiles were quite active but they couldn't carry the load for their teams.
While the ARRL DX Contests won't matter for the pizza, we'll still need a big effort to compete against the other clubs in the US.
Congrats to Team North on a fine season and a quick pizza championship!