MN QSO Party 1x1 Call Signs



With this years running of the Minnesota QSO Party, we’ve added an extra challenge!  To help with the challenge, we will have all the K0, N0 and W0 1x1 calls active for the ten hour contest!


There are three challenges for stations outside Minnesota:


1)      WORD FIND – There are 30 Minnesota words to spell.  To spell a word, you must work the appropriate 1x1 calls with the correct suffix (K0A = A, W0L = L, etc.).  Once you work a letter, it is OK to use this same letter in another word.  If a word has two of the same letters in it (Walleye has two L’s and two E’s in it), you must either work two different stations with the appropriate suffix or have two separate QSO’s with the same station with that suffix.  Print off the full list of words and highlight the letters as you work them!  Awards for the top ten stations who find the most words.

The word list has not been finalized yet. Check back here in the future.

 2)      ALPHABET CHALLENGE – Downloadable certificates will be available to any station who can work the entire alphabet, using only the suffix letters from the 1x1 stations.  Please note that there are no stations with the suffix “X” so that will not be needed.

1X1 STATION CHALLENGE – Think you can work all 75 of the 1x1 stations?  This is the challenge for you!  Tune the bands, call “CQ Minnesota” and watch the spotting networks.  Print off the full list of 1x1 stations and keep track as you work them!  Printable awards for working 25 of the stations, with endorsements for each five calls up to 50 and then every call after that.  Can anyone work them all?!?!

To apply for an award, send your results to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Let us know what award(s) you are applying for.  Questions regarding the Frozen Word & Alphabet Challenge can be sent to the same email address.

Thanks for joining us for a special day of radio!  We’ll see you on the bands!



List of the stations that will be using 1x1 call signs in the Minnesota QSO Party.